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How to pick the right dental chew? 4 Secret ways to know!

There are a lot of benefits in feeding dental chew to your furkid, not only can it improve the bond between pawrent and furkid, dental chew can clean furkid's teeth and train furkid's biting ability. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡

However, there are tons of different dental chews in the market, all of which look and are labelled similarly for their function. So how to pick the right one for our precious furkid?

Here MAOUP tidied 4 steps to picking the right dental chew for furkid!


FOUR steps in choosing

the RIGHT dental chew!

1) Check the size

There are various dog breeds, each of which is different in body size. The other species can have a massive gap in their size. Thus, their corresponding oral structure and bite force will be extra.

Dental chew is designed in different sizes to fit multiple dog breeds according to their size. Pawrent can choose a suitable dental chew size that fit your furkid's size. If a dental chew size is unsuitable for your furkid, its cleaning ability will be reduced. If the dental chew is too large, it will be hard for the furkid to bite, or if it is too small, the furkid might swallow it accidentally and get stuck in their oesophagus. (˶˃ᆺ˂˶)

2) Type of hardness

Many pawrents think that dental chewing should be as hard as possible, but this mindset is wrong!

Dental chew hardness should be soft enough for the human hand to bend it and/or be able to leave a scratch using fingernails.

If the dental chew is too hard, furkid might forcefully bite it until their gum starts to bleed or break their teeth, and the dental chew pieces might hurt their oral mucosa.


3) Read the label

When pawrents pick dental chew, note whether it contains salt and sugar. Dogs don't have sweat glands, and they can't flush salt out from their body like humans, consuming too much salt will affect the furkid's kidney health! Also, avoid too many sugars to keep a fit & healthy body~

Besides, pawrent should always look for dental chew made with natural ingredients. Some lousy quality dental chews add, in essence, colouring, bleaching agents and more chemical elements, not only it reduces dental chew's function, it will cause danger to furkids!


3) Beware of the material

The most common dental chew in the market comes from two main ingredients: fish and cow rawhide. Fish rawhide is made from fish skin, if your furkid is allergic to fish, try to avoid it! Cow rawhide is made from dried cow skin. Most dental chew selling in the market with no listed material and in numerous colourings is usually cow rawhide.

This is because cow rawhide is usually added with preservatives, bleaching agents, adhesive agents and more unlabelled chemical ingredients. Furthermore, cow rawhide is very tough, has no cleaning effect, and it causes damage to the furkid's teeth and stomach. Therefore, parents should avoid buying products made from cow rawhide!

Lastly, just like everyone, even though we eat chewing gum but we still use mouthwash water and brush our teeth. So, whether our furkid eats dental chew or not, we should still help them to brush their teeth to maintain good oral hygiene!


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