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Our Brand Story


We started from zero.
MAOUP was first introduced as the No.1 reliable pet information-sharing community in Taiwan.
We listen to the community, identify the problems, and then develop THE solution.
We are no longer just the #1 pet information site, but also the #1 pet care brand in Taiwan.

Now, we come to take care of Malaysia's pets with love.



Unconditional love towards pets, just like a parent's love towards kids.

Chinese parents always jokingly say, “I’d rather give birth to a slice of barbecued pork than you”,

but whenever we are in trouble or sickness, they would put their whole love on us.


Pets are the same. They are part of our family.


We would put all of our efforts into taking care of them, for the rest of our lives.

( No matter how naughty they are! )



MAOUP cherish your pet like you do.



If we make the pet knowledge simpler, there will be more responsible pet owners


When we first set up our Taiwan Fan-Page, we hoped to convey the right concept of pet feeding through easy-to-understand illustrations.


This simple concept, like a rolling snowball, has driven more and more fans to join and has become 170,000 users pet community fan page.

Since the market is full of unclear and exaggerated products, for the sake of our pets we said to ourselves,

“Why not we do it ourselves? Let’s create something that is safe and natural for our baby pets!”


This is how our first “ MAOWASH ” pet skincare brand was born.




So, it is just safe and natural? Why not go beyond that!

Started with our first product “Natural Itch Relief Shampoo”, each product was developed with the help & participation of consumers from pet owners


“Requirements Interview → Trial Feedback → Formulation Adjustment → Consumer Usage Tracking”.


In the process of R&D, the quality requirements of the following three aspects are the criteria we adhere to:

1. Start from the needs of pets 
2. Sense of improvement
3. Higher production standard than "human" products


It was the judgment towards us. We took feedback and suggestions seriously. Everyone has different things to say when it comes to product reviews.


But one thing we were grateful to hear was that “Hey MAOWASH!!!!~ My friends introduced me to buy your shampoo. ” 


Such a simple sentence had always made our day. We knew it worked. We knew that we were ACTUALLY providing them solutions.


Our products had received up to 98.2% satisfaction and 1,000+ 5-star reviews in just one and a half years.



We Went Beyond Safe & Natural.


MAOUP strives to be known as "the products that are closest to the needs of consumers".


It won’t be just a slogan or dream.


We hope that through this channel, we can directly interact with consumers and get as close to them to understand their needs.

 MAOUP cherish your pet like you do.


MAOUP's responsibility is to bring you confidence towards the brand! 

Since the establishment of the Facebook Fan-Page,


our customer service has responded to more than 10,000 private messages every month


and we had taken a serious look at each customer's feedback and suggestions.



In March 2018, we launched the "Chatty Health Room",


which provided professional consultations by nutritionists online. During the conversation,


it gave us a deeper understanding of consumer needs and the problems they faced.



Although the Internet is our main channel, we hope that through our meticulous service,


everyone can get the most suitable products for their pets with confidence.


MAOUP cherish your pet like you do.


MAOUP cherish your pet like you do.


Having questions or doubts? 

One simple phone call or message, we will respond to you as soon as possible.
Your love towards fur babies has always been MAOUP's inspiration to develop solution-based products.