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Why You Shouldn’t Use Human Shampoo On Dogs?


Can We Use Human Shampoo On Dogs? 

NO!That's a very bad idea‼ (|||゚д゚) 


The difference between human & furkids are... the【skin texture】&【body composition】. While human skin is thicker & stronger, doggy's skin is weaker & thinner (like human baby)  


Let's explore the HARM of... using human shampoos on furkid.


1. Their pH balance will be ruined 

Their pH balance will be ruined

Humans and dogs have different skin pH. If we insist to use our shampoo on them, it will disrupt the delicate pH balance of their skin and cause skin damage.

2. Susceptible to bacteria growth

Can We Use Human Shampoo On Dogs
Human shampoos in the market are too acidic for a dog's skin. It will damage their skin and weaken their skin immunity. Once their immune system is disrupted, it encourages bacteria to grow and causes them to fall sick. 

3. They can get skin diseases easily

They can get skin diseases easily
After using human shampoo for 2~3 months, you will notice your doggy is getting prone to skin diseases. The colour of their skin coat will fade. Besides that, you'll start to see more dandruff and fur dropping. Human shampoos will damage their skin protection barrier and make the hair coat become rough since optimal skin protection is not achieved.

NOTE:Using human shampoo can't help in treating problematic skin. It will only worsen their skin health‼(☉д⊙) 

4. Human shampoo is too harsh on dogs

Can We Use Human Shampoo On Dogs
Human epidermis is 3x times thicker than dogs. This is why our skin can withstand shampoo with a stronger cleaning effect. However, dogs will get itchy and rashes after using human shampoos. It is because human shampoos will irritate their skin and cause dry skin. The itchiness will make them keep on scratching and even scratch till they bleed.


 Furboss TIPS

If we love them, let's give them the best we have. Stop using human shampoos on them now!


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