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Do You Know > 70% of furkids have periodontal diseases nowadays‼

Do You Know?

> 70% of furkids have periodontal diseases nowadays!!

Too Busy / Forget / Lazy to help your furkids in teeth brushing will cause tartar built-up and lead to periodontal diseases‼️‼️

What are the common symptoms? ( •̀o•́)

1) Blackened Teeth

When their teeth turn black, hmm...it’s not a good sign. Your furkids might be suffering from periodontal diseases already.

2) Bad Breath

Having bad breath would be another obvious sign of periodontal disease. Be alert if your furkids have bad breath.

3) Teeth Shifting

Teeth shifting occurs when the root of teeth is not strong enough to stay at the original alignment. This often resulted from periodontal disease - Gingival Recession due to the loss of gum tissues.



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