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-Made from soft plush & foam rubber materials to enhance the chewing experience.
-Non-toxic material & eligible to wash.
-Hidden Squeaker at plush horns/ears.
-Suitable for fetching games & tug toys between two dogs.


- Keep minimal & no stuffing design to make furkid enjoy fun moment
- Fast friend characteristic, great for interaction & soft surface to touch
- 2 replacement squeakers to fit in the back pouch
- Ideal to fetch, snuggle or to chew


- Ideal & best recommendation for small size pets (puppies etc)
- Soft texture which furkid can cuddle in anytime.
- Squeaker inside to attract your attention from noisy environment.


- Ideal for small puppies
- Great to snuggle & cuddle all-time
- Retain last longer body scent
- Advanced durable TPR Johnny Stick for chewable.


"Bouncy, Bouncy"
Unpredictable bouncing direction as it goes. The best toy for fetching games!

Precise to Fit Playing Desire
Satisfy the chewing of small, medium and large dogs. 3 sizes are available to choose!

Teeth Cleaning Surface
Ridge & bumpy texture to clean their teeth when chewing. Improve dental health while playing.

Resist Strong Bites
Made with durable TPR(Thermoplastic Rubber) to withstand tough chewing. Build-in squeaker to prevent choking.


- No harsh dyes or synthetic rubbers.
- Extra durable than traditional tennis balls.
- Fits the ball launcher, perfect for fetching games. 
- Generate lesser noise when bouncing.


Hollow Bulb
It comes with a special gap for food. Pawrents can either spread the wet food at the surface or stuff dry food in the gap.

Teeth Cleaning Surface
Ridge & bumpy texture to clean their teeth when chewing. Improve dental health while playing.

Resist Strong Bites
1.5cm thick rubber walls to withstand tough chewing. 

Safe & Durable Materials
Made of non-toxic, FDA-tested natural rubber. Doggy can chew on it without worries.


- Ideal for indoor play and for a game of tug between dogs.
- Ultra bendy toy with hidden squeaker.
- Crunchy mechanism inside to create fun crunchy sound while bending.
- Huge resistance for dog's chewing.


- Switchable squeak/mute mode 
- Durable strap, ready for tugging war!
- Food-grade rubber
- Dental cleaning texture


- Catch and scratch toy for cats

- Wood/Feather/Rattan With Rattle

- Please remember to buy size-appropriate toys for your pet

- We always recommend supervised play


- Multisensory toy for puppies, small and medium dogs 

- Colourful & durable plush fabric with an egg-shaped thermoplastic bottom shell

- Washable and bite-resistant, suitable to play as a fetch toy anytime, anywhere!


- Comfortable two-sided handle perfectly suited for you and your dog to have tons of interactive fun.
- Rope adapted produces high durability and prevent the toy from falling apart.
- Train the dog to engage in a "stretching" interactive game with the furparents.
- Suitable for medium/big sized breed.


- Attractive special looking design.
- Materials used are safe & gentle on dogs' mouth.
- Suitable for interactive & tug games with your dog.
- Hidden squeaker inside the toy to attract dog to play.


- Main created by long-lasting & variable fun.
- Advantage of teeth cleaning & gums massaging.
- Stimulate mental play that eliminates furkids' boredom at home.
- Clean it by washing machine or rinse directly with foamy water.