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Let your furkids love teeth brushing

Consider having a companion/partner who never brushes their teeth and constantly kisses you....Σ(゚口゚;)//

Oral care for pets is just as essential as it is for humans, and toothbrushing is a must!

If your pets dislike having their teeth brushed, here are some suggestions! 


You can begin by..... 


1. Increasing their interest in brushing their teeth by gently touching and massaging their gums!

Remember to reward them with their favorite treats!

2. Once they are comfortable with us brushing their teeth, use wet gauze to clean the inner and outer rows of their teeth softly.

Other than Wet Gauze, you could try toothbrush below:

- Pet Toothbrush

- Soft Bristle Pet Toothbrush

- Kid's Toothbrush 

We can slowly brush the junction between their teeth and gums and apply more to dental plaque or inflammed gum areas.


【Furkid Mouth Cleaning Helper】

Trouble dealing with furkid's bad breath?

A refreshing oral environment requires daily maintenance!

MAOWASH Toothpaste is the best helper to maintain a healthy oral environment!

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