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MAOEAT L-Lysine Maintainer Plus Health Treat (30 tablets)
RM75.90 RM94.90
MAOEAT L-Lysine Maintainer Plus Health Treat (30 tablets)
5 reviews
Price RM75.90 RM94.90
Brand 毛起來吃 MAOEAT
Reward Points 76
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│Product Features│


Daily respiratory and heart protection.

Natural lysine & taurine formula, build up cat's healthy physique!

✔ 日常呼吸道保健

    Daily respiratory health care
✔ 一日所需心臟營養

    For daily heart nutrition
✔ 保持毛孩元氣健康

    Maintaining your cat's vitality health


Natural source ingredients. So yummy and delicious! Furkid's favourite!


│Suitable For│


Pet Treat only for cats of all ages

│Recommended Intake / Day│

  • 貓齡未滿6個月:半錠/日
    < 6 months: ½ tablet
  • 貓齡6個月以上:1錠/日
    > 6 months: 1 tablet
  • 可視情況每日使用1-2次
    1~2 times per day depending on the situation

│產地 Place of Origin│

100% 台灣研發製造

100% Made in Taiwan

│內容量 Volume│


1.2g/tablet, 30 tablets per pack

│SGS檢驗報告 SGS Inspection Report│

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Our Products Are Certified by SGS for Product Safety. View the Inspection Report

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5 reviews
Customer Reviews
Ken Ng

Products are certified by SGS

16 November 2022

maoup.... has the best dogs shampoo especially for sensitive skin and it give my dogs fresh and smell good,

everyone say my dog fur is very nice and no smelly .I did shower once a week my both dog very enjoy

I'm using they're limited edition (hydrating hypoallergenic pet shampoo) please continue available because this is my only choose 						</div>
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16 November 2022
Cindy Lee

成分安全天然有效						</div>
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16 November 2022