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MAOWASH Washing Bundle (Trial Pack)
9 reviews
Price RM21.00
Brand 毛起來洗 MAOWASH
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*Each user is limited to get 1 set only!


│組合內容 Bundle Package Information│

  1. 癢癢退散洗毛精-汪汪專用 20ml
    MAOWASH Natural Itch Relief Dog Shampoo 20ml
  2. 柔順不打結神奇護毛乳-汪喵通用 20ml
    MAOWASH Natural Silky Coating Pet Conditioner 20ml
  3. 告別問題肌植萃修復露-汪喵通用 30ml
    MAOWASH Advanced Herbal Recovery Liquid Pet Shampoo 30ml

│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬種適用

Sample Set only for dogs of all ages

│保存期限 Validity Period│


5 years 

│產地 Place of Origin│


100% Made in Taiwan

│SGS檢驗報告 SGS Inspection Report│


Our Products Are Certified by SGS for Product Safety. View the Inspection Report

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癢癢退散洗毛精-汪汪專用 500ml
MAOWASH Natural Itch Relief Dog Shampoo 500ml

柔順不打結神奇護毛乳 500ml
MAOWASH Natural Silky Coating Pet Conditioner 500ml

告別問題肌植萃修復露-汪喵通用 500ml
MAOWASH Advanced Herbal Recovery Liquid Pet Shampoo 225ml


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Reviews (9)
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9 reviews
Customer Reviews
Loke Min Hui

Good product! My dog's skin condition has significant improved in 1 month!!

22 July 2021
Jin Lyn Saw

Tried the ear cleaner & it’s really effective

22 July 2021
Georgia Lxy

Tried the anti itch shampoo and very happy with the outcome and its not overall fragrance with is good for sensitive skin!

22 July 2021