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MAOUP Family Rewards Program

【MAOUP Member Reward Points


“Cherishing someone isn't a thousand words that could be described, but converting our love into attractive rewards for enhancing furkid's daily life is one of a kind.”

Join us as our "MAOUP Family" to unlock this lifetime perk and reach the milestone of receiving our FREE complimentary product!

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How Does The Reward Points Work?

You must be a registered member to enjoy the reward point.

For every RM1 you spend with us, you will be awarded 1 point.
Eg: RM80.90 = 81 points

*You can check your point at My Account > My Reward Point.


What To Do With The Reward Points?

Some of the products have points written on their respective product pages. With enough reward points, you can actually redeem the product for FREE!

Currently, the available products with reward points are:

MAOEAT Health Care Series

Health Treats (30tabs)

Health Treats (70tabs)

MAOUP Product Trial Sets

  • MAOEAT AB Kefir Probiotics Digestive Health Booster (Trial Pack): 350 points
  • MAOEAT BreatheOm Respiratory Care (Trial Pack): 350 points
  • MAOEAT Energy Plus CoQ10 Heart Support (Trial Pack): 350 points
  • MAOWASH Advanced Herbal Recovery Liquid Pet Shampoo (40ml): 450 points
  • MAOWASH Washing Bundle(Trial Pack): 450 points

Bathing/Washing Supplies

  • MAOWASH Soft Bristle Pet Toothbrush (3 pcs): 340 points
  • MAOWASH Multi-angled Cleaning Pet Toothbrush: 380 points
  • MAOWASH Pet Cleansing Dry Wipes (40pcs): 400 points
  • MAOWASH PET Recycled Foaming Pet Grooming Gloves(Blue/Green): 450 points
  • MAOWASH 3M Super Absorbent Microfiber Pet Gloves Towel: 1000 points

How Do I Redeem The Product?

To redeem the product, kindly follow the simple steps below:
1. Add the redeemable product to the cart.
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Apply the point to the redeemable product on the checkout page

Terms & Conditions:
1. You can only redeem the product as our member.
2. You can only select ONE(1) redeemable product at ONE(1) time.
3. You can only redeem the product if you have accumulated enough points.
4. You still have to pay the shipping fees.

Feel free to call us (03-5892 2697) or Facebook message us
if you have any problems or questions regarding our reward point system!