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Starter Guide for New Parents to Cats & Dogs


踏上毛孩的健康旅程 Embark on the healthy life journey "洗澡清潔” 在這邊!Learn more about cleaning! "日常保健品” 看這裡 Explore the importance of supplements! 貓狗不只是寵物,是家人,他們的肌膚比嬰兒還薄,體質比成人還敏感,怎麼能靠感覺養就行。希望毛孩可以陪伴我們更久、走得更遠,但絕不能說說而輕忽了日常生活的例行照顧。Many people think that cats & dogs are just pets —— as such, they don’t pay much attention on their health. But in fact, cats and dogs have weaker skin and body than human!  As a responsible fur-parents, we shouldn’t ignore their wellbeing! Furkids need more detailed attention to their health so that they can accompany us longer in time! 「要做,就做真正有幫助毛孩的好東西」是毛起來的品牌宗旨。我們嚴謹把關從成分到瓶器選用, 讓毛爸毛媽購買使用時可以放一百個心!MAOUP values every pet’s need & safety. All of our shampoos are made of 100% natural herbal extracts, which is non-medicated & mild suitable for all ages of dog and cat! 新手不知如何下手? 先從最基本開始!New to the products? Start from the basic! 更了解毛孩的肌膚狀況!Learn about the skin condition! 恭喜!寶貝皮膚還可以喔,只需要持續做維持肌膚穩定。選擇成分天然、單純的草本洗毛精能夠讓毛孩更健康,毛髮也更加亮麗!  Congratulations! Your furkid is actually quite healthy! Keep it up & maintain their skin health. Choose a more natural, hypoallergenic, non-toxic shampoo as the better skin care protection choice! 小心哦!建議多觀察毛孩肌膚狀態!避免肌膚衍生成嚴重皮膚疾病。務必選用無刺激、非化學負擔的洗毛精才能讓毛孩重新恢復健康皮毛!  Oh no! You should start paying attention to their skin health! Otherwise, the skin will become worse. It is necessary to choose a milder, non-medicated, and safe shampoo in order to regain healthy skin! 毛孩體質各不同,常見的過敏問題若沒有得到很好的調理,容易引起嚴重性的皮膚疾病,例如:黴菌、脫毛、濕疹、異位性皮膚炎、皮癬...等,已經生病的貓狗需要更溫和的呵護調理,用適合毛孩的草本清潔用品取代藥性的洗劑。顧好皮膚,毛髮自然長的好!  Every furkid has different physiques. If the common allergies are not well treated, they are likely to cause serious skin diseases, such as fungus growth, hair loss, eczema, atopic dermatitis, ringworm and more! As such, they’d need a gentler care and skin conditioning. Take a more herbal & natural way instead of medicated shampoos so that their skin coat could recover! 新手不知如何下手?New to the products? 新手優惠配套 Newstarter promo 洗澡很重要,吃進肚子的不能忽略!「毛起來」嚴格檢視食材來源與貓狗必須營養素,濃縮在每一次獎勵,滿滿的元氣直接吃進毛孩的肚子裡!  Other than washing, parents must take care of what they eat as well. In MAOUP, the source of ingredients, such as the processing methods and nutrition ratio are strictly inspected to ensure furkid’s healthy and safe consumption! 毛孩跟我們一樣,隨著年紀增長,身體機能必然會老化。 健康保健要趁早,老來身體問題才會少!  They are just like humans. As they grow older, their body functions will decline too. Physical health care should be done as early as possible to slow down their health problems! *建議每日持續餵食,並維持至少2-3個月以上才能看見最佳效果。*It is recommended to keep feeding everyday for at least 2-3 months to see the best results. 無論是洗澡還是保健一樣重要!給貓狗由內到外的完整呵護! 健康與皮毛的事交給毛起來,放心享受有毛小孩的生活  Whether it's bathing or feed, you can't miss either one! Only with the cooperation of the two, our furkids can achieve the thorough health care from the inside out!