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毛起來洗 MAOWASH │草本養護系列 Herbal Series

敏弱肌 VS 問題肌 完美方案
Common Skin Problems


Perfect solution for sensitive skin & problematic skin
Up to 97.8% repurchase rate, helped more than 210,000 pets to solve their skin problems.



Perfect Solution for Sensitive Skin & Problematic Skin Up to 97.8% Repurchase Intention Helped more than 210,000 Pets to Solve Their Skin Problems



Besides Medicated Shampoo, There Is An Herbal Choice ! /




毛孩的肌膚,需要更溫和的呵護  Your Furbaby Needs More Gentle Care 


Special added herbal ingredients

毛起來洗草本養護系列 主要成分介紹
MAOWASH Herbal Series Main Ingredient Introduction

MAOWASH Natural Relief Shampoo Relieve irritationn Oil control Moisturizing and toning

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