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【Pet Exhibition】2023 Pet Fiesta Checklist

2023 First MAOUP Pet Exhibition

Location: Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam

Date: 17 March - 19 March 2023

Time: 11AM - 9PM

MAOUP Booth: J14

Ding Dong˜! What’s your plan for this weekend?
Still thinking of where to take your furkids out for “Gai Gai”?
Come and have fun with us at Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2023!


Warm tips for all the pawrents! 
All the essential things and tips are prepared for you, so Say NO more to fussiness during the day! 


Pet Fiesta Checklist

1. Build a bag for your furkids! Prepare adequate water, as pet exhibitions can be crowded, it is necessary to replenish your pet's water in a timely manner to avoid dehydration.


2. Park your car at pets friendly parking zone.


3. Pet(s) must put on harness or collar while walking them in public to ensure their safety! 


4. Please make sure your pet is wearing diaper or clean & dispose pet waste immediately with own proper cleaning materials! Use designated pet toilet!


5. Make sure all the attending pets must be free from flea & ticks! 


6. Keep your pet by your side at all times. This not only provides a sense of security for your pet, but also avoids conflicts with other pets.


7. As pet exhibitions can be crowded, if your furry friend is timid and intolerant of high-pressure environments, it is recommended not to bring them & avoid the crowds.


The clock is ticking! Save the date and see you all there at @Booth J14!