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Taking Care Of Pet’s Skin Health Requires The Following Attention


【Pet Skin Care『TIPS』│ You-Must-Know】

What are the most common skin issues?✔ Skin Allergies ✔ Skin Itchiness ✔ Skin Redness ✔ Problematic Skin ✔ Hair Loss...you name it‼

It's very heartbreaking them scratching (╥﹏╥) Is there nothing we can do?〖We have heard you〗ε≡ヘ( ´∀`)ノ Here are some pet skin-care tips that you might need.☟


Top 4 Skin Care Strategies


1. Wear a head cone

dog Wear a head cone
If your furkid has severe skin problems, swelling or inflammation, get them a head cone (Elizabethan collar) to prevent them from licking and biting at it. Licking at the affected part might aggravate their skin condition.(,,・ω・,,)

2. Increase the bathing frequency

Increase the bathing frequency
If your furkid has oily skin or suffering from severe problematic skin, you can try to increase the frequency of washing them, maximum at twice per week. By doing so, it can wash away the allergens and help them to regain skin health more effectively.

3. Ensure a clean environmen

furkid has skin problems
Other than body cleanliness, the living environment is very important too. We should clean our house regularly to ensure our furkid will not expose to the allergens such as pollen, dust mites, etc.( • ̀ω•́ )


4. Use mild and natural shampoo

Use mild and natural shampoo
First of all, do not use human shampoo on your pets. Since humans and dogs have different skin pH, using human shampoo on them will disrupt their skin pH balance and cause skin damage.

Choosing shampoo which is made of natural ingredients is better for your furkids as it can provide a milder skincare solution without irritating their skin.


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Taking Care Of Pet’s Skin Health Requires The Following Attention