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Why Should We Choose Amino Acid-Based Pet Shampoo?

Stop using the wrong shampoo for cats and dogs!

Most parents like to choose a low-cost shampoo with strong cleansing power for them, but little did they know, using the shampoo with unknown ingredients can severely affect the pet's skin health!

Understand the key ingredients in the shampoo is the first important step to protect furkids from getting skin damages. First we need to know what is "surfactant"!

All products that can make bubbles while washing contains surfactants. It is used to combine water molecules and oil molecules together, hence achieving a cleaning effect. However different surfactants have different cleaning power and foaming properties. At the same time, different surfactants can have different irritations towards the skin.



The most common surfactants in the market

Generally, the most common synthetic surfactants found in pet shampoo are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). They are mainly derived from petroleum, coconut oil and palm oil. Due to their accessibility in the market —— because it’s very cheap and easy to obtain, most manufacturers would use them in the shampoo making process.

They have stronger cleaning power and are able to produce large bubbles. However, it will cause the skin to feel tight after using due to its strong fat-removing power, it can easily damage the skin and cause irritation and allergies.

According to a clinical study at the University of Georgia in the United States, SLS may penetrate into the eyes, brain, heart, liver, and other organs and affect the hormone balance & changes. Besides damaging the skin and body, it is more likely to produce 1,4-Dioxane, a by-product that poses high carcinogenic risks during the refining process. This chemical compound can be harmful to the environment too.

As we all know, furkids have thinner and sensitive skin than us. If shampoo that comes with SLS is applied to them, it will only damage the skin slowly and pose threat to their health in the long run. As such, parents should always choose a shampoo that is mild and contains non-toxic amino acid surfactants or amphoteric surfactants for furkids.




What are amino acid surfactants and why?

Amino acid surfactants (also known as anionic surfactants) are mainly made of amino acids and plant-derived fatty acids, such as coconut extracts. As compared with other surfactants used in shampoo, soap, detergent, it can be adjusted to be less acidic —— having a medium detergency power. This means, it has the benefit of being mild and non-irritating, and definitely won’t dry and tighten the skin after washing.

Such amino surfactants are mostly used in infant products. Hence, it won’t harm the skin’s surface barrier and it’s environmentally friendly.

Having that being said, there are many types of amino surfactants, as well as different pH values. It is recommended to choose cleaning products that contain Glutamic acid because it is weakly acidic —— skin-friendly & better moisturizing effect on the skin. Therefore, it is more suitable for furkids with thinner & sensitive skin!



Take note when looking for amino acid-based shampoo!

When choosing the shampoos, remember the following two points to avoid being confused by the misleading or over-exaggerating terms or wordings used by the sellers.

1. Not all amino acid surfactants are weak in acidity.
It all depends on the type of amino acid used during production. However, we can distinguish the pH of the amino acid surfactants through the certain names of ingredients, such as Glutamic acid (gluten) which is weak in acidity, and Glycine / Alanine which has neutral pH.

2. Not all amino acid surfactants are necessarily mild.
Pawrents should identify whether the amino acid surfactant is the only cleaning agent in the ingredient list. If you found any other anionic surfactants or soap bases (fatty acids  + alkalis) are used, it means that it is not entirely mild for furkids!

3. Adding amino acid ingredients to shampoo is not equivalent to using amino acid surfactants.
Therefore, it is important to identify whether the surfactant used is amino acid-based. Otherwise, the shampoo with amino acid ingredients has only moisturizing effect, but it doesn’t mean it is totally harmless to the skin.



Choose "amino acid-based" cleaning ingredients!

The biggest advantage of amino acid surfactants is that they are mild & non-irritating. By using these natural surfactants, you don’t have to worry about the harm to furkid’s skin health. It is a much more natural & safer choice for furkids with weak and sensitive skin. Of course, they are suitable for life long & long term use as well!



Natural Itch Relief Shampoo

An amino acid-based shampoo that is formulated with mild herbal extracts such as Glycyrrhetinic Acid & Litsea Cubeba to soothe sensitive skin. Not only does it thoroughly clean the hair, but also gently maintain the skin in a healthy condition (。•ㅅ•。)♡

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